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Just Be Friends by moyan

This is “for the comment/critique contest, december 2012”

To make it even, I watch the tutorial of this picture. From that, I know how much effort you taken to finished this art. The window look really amazing. You really did a great job there even thought it look simple but it really look like a real window. Your colouring really need a dark or black colour if you want to make it realism or 3D. But if that is your stail, then just keep it up. If you still thinking of upgrading it, then you need to add a strong, basic and solid colour to it. To make it look heavy and have a volume in it. Then you are lack on lighting. Or can I say too much lighting that loose the solitry of the subject especially the hair. It look flat on the right side. The guitar body look real but the headstock lack of dark colour make it look just like that. It’s not given an impression of a feary guitar that being played of.

Next, the finger. You really did an amazing job there. The skinny finger played a guitar show some strong emotion plus her expression, you really captured people in a first sight. Well done! XD
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